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Scott V Bio Photo (2)Scott Vrchota has spent his career in the healthcare industry, working for major medical device, technology and pharmaceutical companies. In addition he also worked for seven years as a hospital and clinic administrator for a large hospital system in the Midwest, including 3 hospitals and 22 clinics. Scott has the unique combination of knowing how the health care market works from both the medical industry perspective as well as from the hospital, specialty clinics, medical pricing and healthcare billing perspectives.

Working with small and large healthcare teams/organizations, Scott works to understand their challenges and then uses his industry knowledge, clinical experience and resources, to collaborate on meaningful solutions. Scott collaborates and works in EHR, HIT, analytics and LEAN process in Healthcare. Incorporating the Triple Aim goals of reducing health care costs, improving quality of care and improving patient satisfaction, Scott works to implement organizational change, using both quantitative and qualitative analysis, to meet the unique needs of each healthcare client.

Hospital and Clinic Work Experience

  • General Manager to 3 hospitals and 24 clinics with a focus on integration of physician partnerships, organizational development, culture change, marketing, patient satisfaction measurement and implementing successful reimbursement programs.
  • Ongoing assessment of overall hospital and clinic profitability and financial health.
  • EHR – Integration and implementation of electronic health record systems, medical product management and enhanced billing systems.
  • Health Care Reform, Triple Aim and Accountable Care Organization – assessment, strategy and implementation
  • Marketing – Hospital, Clinic marketing promotions and campaigns to expand hospital clinic services targeted at profitable growth opportunities.
  • Business development manager – adding or expanding profitable medical products and services including assessment of new technologies that promote better care as well as provide additional revenue.
  • Six Sigma and Kaizen Lean method integration into hospital and clinic departments to standardize work processes and reduce waste. Medical review of hospital and clinic services, products, patient satisfaction, vendor negotiations, reimbursement analysis and collection. Cross functional team management.
  • Design and planning for new TRIA Orthopedic Day Center with an emphasis on sports medicine.   Facility development of a new Heart & Vascular, Oncology clinics adjacent to the hospital campus. Liaison to 21 clinics, 2 associate hospitals, all medical specialties. Business Unit Manager to Orthopedics, Podiatry, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary – sleep lab, International Diabetes Center and 7 clinic pharmacies.

Hospital and Clinic Skills

  • Executive level planning and development experience in a variety of medical services and product evaluations, including developing business strategies, collecting data, reporting and publishing.
  • Analytics and reporting to implement organization redesign, methods and meet quality of care standards.
  • Partnering with physician leaders to introduce and expand medical technologies that enhance quality of care and provide fiscal viability to the organization.
  • Facilitator and consultative leadership skills targeted at hospital and clinic projects to foster healthcare cultural changes in methods, process management and physician compensation programs.
  • Negotiator for mediating contracts to physicians, hospitals, unions, managed care organizations and third party payers on medical products.

Corporate Experience – Health Products and Technologies

  • Medical device, emerging medical technologies, reimbursement and EHR.  Corporate director to implantable medical devices, pharmaceutical and biological products including Stryker, Genzyme, Wyeth Ayerst, Medtronic, American Medical Systems and Thoratec.
  • Design and launch of market promotion campaigns to expand medical technologies and business tied to quality of care and ROI
  • Facilitator and leadership on studies to measure clinical results and product performance.
  • Negotiator for mediating contracts to physicians, hospitals, managed care organizations and third party payers to improve reimbursement.
  • Heart and vascular support devices (VAD‟s) at North America transplant and tertiary heart failure hospitals. Expanding FDA indications with reimbursement to destination therapy approval in 2009.  Creation of hospital tools, training and implemented to CV surgeons, cardiologists and hospital administration.

Resources and Skills in Medical Technology

  • PRACTICE FUSION EHR, eHealth and analytics – training and implementation
  • Sign up with Practice Fusion

  • LEAN tools and process integration with organizational culture change alignment for successful results.
  • Extensive medical marketing campaign experience including symposiums, trade shows, patient targeted advertising, social media and national business development.
  • Quorum Health Resources – created a detailed, 5yr. ROI and reimbursement model that allows hospitals to forecast future assessments of healthcare business – projection of revenues, expenses and reimbursement.
  • MCS Hospital Foundations of Success program to asses and measure hospital best practices – Quality, Financial, Resources, Service and Growth.
  • HealthTechHatch – New company targeted at emerging medical technology start-ups, development campaigns, crowdfunding and testing
  • Created “specialty” medical education and referral programs with a goal of expanding treatment acceptance to a greater number of patients.
  • Corporate liaison to The Advisory Board in Washington DC for economic considerations that advance growth of new medical technologies.
  • Consultant and advisor to DoctorBase Practice Management and PratterUS on medical cost transparency
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