Our Services


ZIA’s principals and consultants have incredible experience in the healthcare field. We can help your organization overcome crises by using our expertise in:

Not sure how ZIA can help your organization? Take advantage of a free 1 hour consultation that allows us to evaluate your needs and suggest first steps for taking action.


Pass ZIA’s experience and knowledge throughout your whole organization, ZIA’s workshops can help:

  • Provide a common culture development framework for Medical Staff Executives and leaders.
  • Align strategies which are tied to individual/team goals and compensation.
  • Tie clinical goals to population outcomes, reimbursement and patient satisfaction.
  • Develop change management tools that work and help track progress.

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Mediation and Coaching

Improve team bench strength with a unique 360-method that assesses teams, not just individuals. ZIA can identify conflicts and give you a plan to mediate and resolve future problems.
See ZIA’s expertise in transforming toxic behavior through our mediation coaching. Learn about one of our methods, collective accountability.


Multiple ZIA members have experience leading keynote speeches at major healthcare conferences. We can also host webinars or live seminars and teach your audience about any field of our expertise.