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Organization LEAN Transformation

ZIA is an engaged team of healthcare consultants with many years of experience in healthcare consulting and management. Many Healthcare organizations are at various stages of LEAN management system implementation. While “continuous improvement” embodies the tools and methods, “respect for people” principal embodies leadership behaviors and practices that are often missed or ignored, resulting in marginal LEAN organizational results. The “respect for people” principal is the KEY to making the LEAN management system work in Healthcare. ZIA consultants have successfully implemented the leadership behaviors and practices for successful LEAN transformation and tested in our own organizations. We bring and provide this experience in a variety of areas.

Healthcare Change Management

Our expertise lies in healthcare change management. We can create the meaningful change that results in strategic alignment, increased leadership and teamwork, and detailed performance metrics. Let ZIA help your organization by:

    • Establishing organizational communities of respectful engagement with bottom-line impact
    • Implementing system-wide culture change that is enduring
    • Providing payer management and guidance
    • Managing projects and change initiatives

What our healthcare consulting and change management programs can do for your organization:

    • Strategic Alignment that engages multiple levels and disciplines of your organization.
    • Mediation and Coaching that resolves conflicts and establishes preventive processes.
    • Leadership Development that improves individual team performance.
    • Toxic Behavior Management that transforms harmful behaviors to respectful engagement.
    • Culture Change that encompasses your entire organization, impacting alignment and performance.


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Healthcare Leadership Development

How ZIA’s leadership development has impacted organizations:

    • Provided Executive Coaching, Conflict Resolution, and succession planning for individuals with these roles: Board Chair, CEO, COO, CMO, COS, CNO, Chief Quality Officer, Director, Department Chair, Project Director, Project Manager, department chairs, and chiefs of professional services for a variety of healthcare organizations in the corporate, non-profit, and government sectors.
    • Implemented a year-long physician leadership development program for a large multi-practice specialty clinic and urban hospital that resulted in core changes in structure, process, and development.
    • Developed and led team development with nurse-physician dyad leaders that led to documented results of greater staff retention and development for a medical clinic.

ZIA’s 3 phase competency model:

    • Self as the Instrument of Change: evaluating professional development.
    • Self as Team Leader: identifying obstacles to effective team function.
    • Self as Organizational Leader: understanding macro roles within your organization.


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Healthcare Culture Change

What ZIA has done for organizations in need of culture change:

    • Implemented a culture change program for a 50-physician-owned practice that significantly improved patient service as documented by an independent assessment process.
    • Facilitated change management for a large healthcare system, beginning with a multi-disciplinary and multi-level strategy formulation process followed by six focused teams over a one-year period.
    • Implemented a culture change program for a large multi-practice clinic that reduced the incidence of disruptive, toxic behaviors and restored the clinic’s bottom line and overall performance.
    • Conducted an organizational culture assessment with follow-up strategic actions which resulted in less disruptive behaviors among professionals and improved patient service for a specialized practice.

We focus our healthcare consulting efforts on “real time change” that streamline assessments and intervention. ZIA’s systems approach that integrates real patient data helps design feedback mechanisms and collective accountability that work.

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Managing Bad Behavior in Healthcare

We can help identify and eliminate toxic behavior in your organization. Our model takes harmful behavior and turns it into everyday civility ©. Let ZIA Healthcare Consultants help you by establishing:

    • Integration of our healthcare consulting team’s research on everyday civility © and toxic behaviors into a 3-point plan of action
    • Application of our everyday civility © model to significantly increase patient safety, improve patient satisfaction, reduce medical errors, decrease turnover and absenteeism, and improve the bottom line
    • Development of a series of proactive and reactive actions to reduce the hiring of toxic individuals as well as not allowing individuals to get away with bad behavior
    • Design and implementation of a physician compact with “teeth” that specifies the required behaviors and consequences when they are violated—along a due process continuum
    • Everyday civility © training for all disciplines and levels in the organization with focus on patient safety, performance, and the bottom line
    • Design and facilitation of large-scale culture change around everyday civility © and what it means to your organization’s performance


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Healthcare Consulting that helps you.

Even if your needs weren’t outlined in our 4 main healthcare consulting categories, ZIA’s well-rounded expertise can help your organization in a number of different ways.