Your Partner in Proven Organizational Change. Evidence-Based Consulting methods aligned to achieve your objectives goals, effective staff leadership and communication, improvements focused on patient satisfaction, increased job enjoyment with a commitment to organizational success.

Leadership Development

Improve leadership competencies with tailor-made programs that impact individual/team performance, and the bottom line.

Culture Change

Engage a team or entire organization in transformation change that impacts both alignment and performance.

Patient Satisfaction

“Respect for people” principal is the key to making a management system work by adopting both human and service objectives

Managing Bad Behavior

Transform toxic behaviors to Everyday Civility© with our expertise in cultures of respectful engagement that impact performance.


ZIA is a group of experienced healthcare professionals working with medical leaders and organizations to help facilitate change, find strategic alignment and provide healthcare leadership development. Fixing immediate and long term problems, aligning goals, setting objectives, applying contemporary tools & resources to find workable solutions. The key principles to foster change include “collaboration”, “excellent people to people skills” and “alignment of incentives for all parties.”  As U.S. healthcare continues its’ meaningful transformation, Leaders must continue to manage service delivery with a mission that resonates with patients and values that are projected in the hearts of all staff.


Unprecedented experience in the healthcare field.

ZIA Principals


Marty Diamond FACHE

Elizabeth Holloway PhD
Mitchell Kusy

Mitchell Kusy PhD
Scott Vrchota

Scott Vrchota MS, MBA

ZIA Consultants

Patricia Salber

Patricia Salber MD, MBA
Alan Rosenstein

Alan Rosenstein MD, MBA
Christobel Selecky

Christobel Selecky, MA
Lisa Kreeger

Lisa Kreeger PhD, RN

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